Call Me Today: 01709 468683  
Please see below for the services I offer. 
Video-conferencing (Facebook, Skype, Zoom etc) or telephone services are available to anyone in or out of the United Kingdom.  
Workshops are available within 70 miles of Rotherham, South Yorkshire. 
CBT 1 hour session  
As part of a course of therapy or a top up if you've had therapy elsewhere before. 
Skype or phone - 60 minutes £50 
Workplace Wellbeing Workshop 
For businesses / organisations - in house training by request 
3 hours £400 
Wedding Nerves - to reduce anxiety around getting married 
Skype or phone - 60 mins £50 
Packages available. Please enquire.  
“I’ve had some really stressful things happen in my life, and I’ve not always dealt with them in the best way. I now have better coping strategies in place for when I feel stressed, and I know now that I shouldn’t emotionally beat myself up for how I’ve reacted in the past. The past is the past. I can’t change it but I can learn from it.” 
My service is available to you wherever you live in the UK. All you need is an internet connection. 
My usual hours of availability are: 
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9am - 10pm 
Saturday & Sunday 9am - 5pm 
Advance booking required. Payment is taken at the time of booking. 
Please call me on 01709 468683 or complete the form to find out how I can help. 
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