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Staff Wellbeing - Looking after employees is something businesses increasingly are investing time and money into. Rightly so. Having a member of staff off sick can be costly affair, not just in terms of paying wages/ benefits to someone not there but plugging the gap, plus the impact on the remaining team members. 
Retaining staff is also in the interests of the business too - a gap between the leaver leaving and the joiner joining an have an impact on the rest of the team, even if a short term measure such as a temporary worker is used, in tems of disruption to the service, training and someone learning the job role. There is also the cost of recruiting - done via a recruitment agency the costs are clearer - if done in-house the costs of reviewing the job description, writing the advert, advertising, dealing with enquiries, short listing, interviewing, chasing referees, checking qualifications & criminal records plus induction and initial training etc are harder to pinpoint, but still exist. Plus think of all of the training someone might have had - when they leave they take that with them.  
Much easier (and cheaper) to retain, develop and grow existing staff. Looking after the wellbeing of staff is one of the ways in which you can do that. 
My three hour workshop aims to give delegates an insight into strategies that they may find helpful with regards to keeping a positive mindset and managing stress. It is an introduction into: 
- the power of positive thinking 
- mindfulness 
- recognising emotional states 
- recognising negative thoughts 
- controlling stress 
- living a happy life 
At the end of the workshop, delegates will have improved insight into how their thoughts and behaviour effect their mood, plus a take-away toolkit consisting of pro-active and emergency psychological remedies. 
Available to businesses in a 70 mile radius of Rotherham. Please call me on 01709 468683 or message me via the Contact Form to discuss.  
Please call me on 01709 468683 or complete the form to find out how I can help. 
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