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Earlier on today I was feeling a bit stuck. I had stuff to do, things to tick off my to-do list, but there were a load of things I wasn't in the mood for, and I wasnt getting anywhere fast. So I went for a walk. My local park is a ten minute stroll away, and I love it. Its a traditional park, once the grounds of a successful entreprenuer from the industrial revolution, since handed over to the people of Rotherham. The original house is now a museum.  
There are several things I love about this Park. I love the fact that there are remnants from the past scattered across its vast space (I say vast - vast for an inner city park, that is). These remanants include a Victorian bandstand, a tree dated back to Queen Victorias reign, ancient stones moved here from elsewhere and laid out to show the outline of the Roman house they were once part of. A war memorial, and brick and stone walls running aound the edges as a marker of where the Park starts and stops.  
There is a whole load of stuff to do in this Park. The things you would expect to see: tennis courts, bowling green, a basketball 'court' plus lots of grassy areas for people to kick a ball about on. No football pitches though - this park is on a slope and there arent too many areas that are that large and that flat. The largest flat area is a frequent home to travelling fairs, and even the ocassional circus. There are also several play areas - one for younger children with the obvious slides and swings, the other for older children even including a zip wire. The jewel in the crown though is a pay-to-enter area, where you can access some resident fairground rides, miniature golf, and a fantastic splash area which comes alive in summer months.  
I walk around this park several times a week. Even though I see all of the above each and every time, I don't get bored with it and I find that on days like today, where I feel stuck, my mood improves, and I become 'unstuck'. 
Fresh air, green space and exercise (and the release of those endorphines) is a wonderful combination. A sense of achievement after walking up The Big Hill. Saying hello to random strangers. Seeing people smile as they spot that in the pram I am pushing isn't a baby, but my aging dog. 
Observing people of all ages, cultures, ethnicities sharing the same space. Wondering where people are going to next, where they have come from. Wondering about their purpose in the Park - are they dog walking like me, getting the kids out from under their partners feet, stealing some private time with their lover, or using the park as a thoroughfare perhaps. 
A big part of the walk is how I try to focus my mind - being in a mindset which allows me to notice, be curious and appreciate what is around me enhances the experience, as opposed to to racing around as quickly as possible. Its amazing what you notice when you ut some effort into it. 
You really can't beat a walk in the Park. 
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