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Heres a bit about me:  
I'm a born and bred Yorkshire lass! I left Sheffield to find my fortune after college and got as far as Birmingham, where I was offered a place at Uni. After completing my mental health nurse training I spent several years working in in-patient mental health settings before getting involved in training health and social care staff on how to de-escalate & manage aggressive behaviour. After a brief return to the wards, I returned to university to train to be a cognitive behavioural psychotherapist, which is what I do now, working for both myself and the NHS. I'm now back in South Yorkshire. A new addition to my therapy work is focussing on anxieties associated with wedding day nerves - find out more information at  
I've spent all of my working life having conversations with people with the aim of helping them feel better - better about themselves, their situation, their future. Naming my business 'something better' was an obvious choice, as helping people feel something better or find their something better is what I'm all about. 
I'm a good listener. I'm good at seeing the world through the eyes of the person I'm working with. I'm good at helping people experience new ideas and new ways of thinking in a way that makes sense to them.  
I believe talking therapies work on three levels: 
1. talking to someone about your life who isnt involved in your life, confidentially* 
2. gaining an understanding of WHY what is happening is happening 
3. working with a qualified therapist to develop a personalised toolkit of strategies that help you manage / reduce / eliminate your difficulties - a toolkit that you have access to for the rest of your life and can continue build on and grow as you carry through your lifes journey 
*confidentiality will be maintained except where risk dictates information needs to be passed on. If you are concerned for your safety or that of someone else please speak to your GP or call 999 or 112. 
The NHS does an amazing job providing Talking Therapies (usually through an Improved Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) service, accessible via self referral / GP, in addition to community based mental health services. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is available free of charge via these services. To find out more check out your local NHS trust or speak to your GP.  
For most health conditions, the more we ignore it, hoping it will go away, the worse it gets. Our mental health is no exception. I'm all for tackling problems sooner rather than later - and being responsble for our own wellbeing. Don't let your problems get to crisi point before you do something about it.  
To book a session: call me on 01709 468683 or complete the form to send me a message / enquiry. 
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