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"There is a solution to every problem, sometimes we just need help finding it." 
"The past cannot be changed nor the future predicted - so why do we spend so much time stressing about it?." 
"For things to change... something needs to change. Take control of your life and make those changes now." 
"You are in charge of your destiny. YOU. So what will you choose? Where does your passion lie?" 
Are you struggling with life, relationships, work pressures? Do you want to feel happier? Less stressed and anxious?  
Or are you interested in being the best version of you? Taking life in your stride, achieving all of your goals and aspirations? Getting your mindset right will be all important in this process.  
I can help. Welcome to your new life. The new you. A new way to see the world, a new way to be. 
I believe that the happier and more satisfied with life we are, the more able we are to cope with life pressures. The more resiliant we are, the less vulnerable we are to experiencing adverse mental health. 1 in 4 of us experience adverse mental health issues in our lifetime. I want to help reduce that.  
Don't wait until its too late. Put things in place NOW to help you be a better, stronger, happier you.  
I have a range of coaching / therapeutic / self development offerings to suit all budgets and needs - largely based on cognitive behaviour therapy - but not as you might know it. Something different. 
Why? Typically people access CBT (privately or through the NHS) when they are really struggling, with their mood, anxiety, phobias or a traumatic experience(s). I believe in making the knowledge behind CBT as widely known as possible, so people have opportunity to take advantage of its usefulness BEFORE actually needing it. Like putting suncream on before you burn, not afterwards when the damage is already done. 
Have a look at my SERVICES page to see what I offer. 
Being human is tricky. The modern world is often hard to handle. Work, family, relationships. Finances, housing, transport. Social media, hobbies and interests. Etc. So much going on - constantly - and so much for our minds to process, and stay on top of.  
Its a miracle we manage as well as we do, when you stop to think about it. 
So what about when we don't feel we are managing that well? Holding on to everything by a thread, spinning far too many plates that is good for us? Often we do our best, hoping it will get better. And mostly, it does. But not always. So what then? 
Don't risk your mental health. The majority of people who experience anxiety / depression will recognise that life events have put them under undue stress and strain, leading to significant issues with their mental health. Sometimes to a point where they can't cope with work, or relationships, or life. Sometimes it is one huge life event that rocks our world, sometimes a build up caused by several smaller ones. Often thinking we are coping, which we are, until another crisis appears and knocks us over. Such as running out of milk. 'The straw that broke the camels back' isn't by chance a commonplace phrase. Its commonplace because we can all relate to it. We've seen it in our friends. Our family. Ourselves? Probably less likely. 
The good news is this. I can help you.  
Whether its signing up for my fortnightly blog (not a lecture, I promise! Rather some pointers and ideas for achieving a happy life), reserving a copy of my free e-book (due March 2018) or signing up for a fully personalised 1:1 skype / phone session, I'll give you ideas and inspiration to get 2018 off to a positive start. 
From the comfort of your own home or office, I'll share with you the most useful bits of psychological understanding that I've gathered in my 25 year career thus far. Hints, tips and mind tricks. Yes, you can trick your mind - because guess what - your mind tricks you. I'll teach you how it does it and how you can fight back, take control and feel better. 
My techniques are based on a variety of of methods:  
Cognitive behavioural approach (how thoughts and behaviour impact on us) 
Positive psychological approaches 
Learning from my own Personal Development Journey 
1:1 sessions are 100% in confidence, and focussed on you.  
I offer workshops for staff and also skype /phone based 1:1 sessions for business owners, directors, CEO's and all staff. Please see my FOR BUSINESS page for more information. 
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